President-Jill Plouffe (Carlsbad, CA)


Jill Plouffe is the president of both 4TelecomHelp and LightmyFIBER, she has spent more than a decade working with businesses to make telecommunications easier to manage. Jill has over 20 years of experience in telecommunications solution design couple wiht an expansive network of specialists and a professional team that can provide a well-rounded technology approach to businenesses. Jill designs technology solutions that benefit businesses future needs while reducing complexity and saving money. In addition to the technology, she also brings in the appropriate vendors to meet the needs of her clients.


Founder & CEO- Chad Parnis (West Chester, PA)


Chad started both companies 4TelecomHelp and LightmyFIBER. Fiber-optics within the telecom industry over the past decade has started to become a large necessity for businesses and thus LightmyFIBER was started back in 2012. Chad's whole methodology revolves around telling the truth to clients and finding the best pssible solution. Chad has been in the telecom industry for over 20 years and has massive amount of experience in all realms of telecom.


VP of Operations- Linda Jeffries


Linda Jeffries is the VP of operations and provisioning at both 4TelecomHelp and LightmyFIBER. She has over 16 years of experience within provisioning and oversees a team of experts for some of 4TelecomHelps largest clients across the United States. Linda specializes in installation and project management of fiber-optics utilizing our white glove provisioning team. Her white glove provisioning team goes through a 45-step process working with the carrier to ensure proper installation of fiber-optics.


Director of Customer Relations-Chris Bradley


Chris Bradley is the point guard on all fiber/broadband opportunities and manages relationships with both end users and agents all over the country to ensure an understanding of fiber-optics location, pricing and installation. His goal is to get results back as quick as possible along with educating clients who have questions about making the switch to fiber-optics. Chris is based in the east coast office, but does work all over the country assisting clients. If interested in getting pricing, please feel free to reach out to chris directly. His email is listed below:


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