Business Fiber Services

Our team of professionals is here to help you get the business fiber you need to support your mission-critical, data and cloud-based applications.

We offer a full suite of services that range from identifying the right providers for your region and needs to user support.

  • Contract negotiations and re-negotiations
  • Verify which carriers are in the building and on the street
  • Provide pricing with a quick turn around
  • Industry and carrier insight
  • Site surveys
  • Project management of installation
  • Provisioning and testing
  • User support

How long does fiber generally take to get installed into a building?

It takes about 120 days to get fiber into a building if fiber is located on the street or near the building. If fiber is already located in a building and no construction is required, then less time is required.

What are the three ways fiber can be installed into a building?

  1. Fiber can be brought in by the utilization of underground conduit where either dredging/digging takes place to run the fiber underground through the conduit and into the building.
  2. Fiber can be brought in from the telephone pole above ground, which is called aerial cable.
  3. Fiber can be transmitted by line of sight, which simply means that the transmitter and the receiver at both networking locations can see each other. Tower to antenna. (Windstream)

Can LightmyFIBER assist with the installation of the fiber?

Yes, LightmyFIBER can assist with the installation of the fiber. LightmyFIBER has a very knowledgeable and experienced provisioning team on staff. All of our employees have past experience working for the carriers, which helps with a better understanding when a projected is defined.

For a one-time fee our provisioning team applies a proprietary and rigorous 45-step process working with the account manager of the provider / carrier to oversee the installation of the fiber.