Partner FAQ

What is the difference between sole fiber providers (Lightower, Crown Castle) and fiber carriers (Comcast, Verizon, Time Warner)?

Sole Fiber Providers

Local fiber providers have their own network, which they manage, operate, install, build out, and engineer. Local fiber providers generally include only: MPLS, Point to Point connection, Ethernet, IP, Dark Fiber, and Long-Haul networks. Their pricing is competitive and they are more likely to be able to cover construction cost because they solely do only fiber.

Fiber Carriers

Fiber Carriers are large companies that have their own fiber network and build out their networks. They also have the phone equipment and applications

How can I find out what fiber providers are in my region?

Contact us at LightmyFIBER. We have resources that will tell us exactly what is the availability and carrier in your location.

If I have a client who needs fiber, how can I help them?

LightmyFIBER has an agent program. Please see our Agent Registration page.

Can I become an agent of LightmyFIBER?

Yes! We’d love to discuss becoming an agent. Being an agent of LightmyFIBER can be a new revenue source and a great way to provide new solutions for your customers.