Why LightmyFIBER?


We can save you TIME and MONEY getting dedicated, high-performance fiber internet for your business.

If you are wondering, how to get a fiber internet connection for our business, we can help.

Figuring out what providers are in your area, and sorting out your options can take time and be confusion. We have experience in working with over 350 providers so can get you the answers you need quickly.

LightmyFIBER uses special software that allows us to identify which fiber carriers are already in your area. Give us the address, and in just seconds, we will identify potential local carriers within a building, or around it.

We’ll save you time by quickly finding the right carriers for your business needs, and getting you solid, best-bid pricing back in 24 – 72 hours. No more waiting weeks for inflated pricing.  We can help you with negotiation, too.

Once you choose a fiber broadband for business provider, we’ll ensure you get up and running smoothly.

If you need help project managing the installation, our TEAM is proficient in getting this done.